Our Approach to Your Running Success - What you'll get when you join the 5k 2 PB Running Academy

Wherever you are with your running, we’ll guide you through the exact steps you need to take your running to the next level. You'll get a personalised plan, customised for you, focussing on the areas you need help on and all the support you need to make real differences to your running.

  • Personalised Training Programme

    We’ll send you a personalised programme based on your goals, current fitness levels and the areas you want to work on. Get the structure and focus you need to improve your running.

  • Online Running Coaching

    Instant access to our easy to use, step by step membership tool. Watch the videos at your own pace to discover everything you need to know to revolutionise your running, wherever you are in the world!

  • Support & Accountability

    We'll support you all the way. We'll provide the motivation and accountability to make sure you are on plan! You'll join a weekly call, have unlimited email support and do monthly challenges, which you can take serious or just have a bit of fun with!

  • Exclusive 5k2PB Community

    Join our exclusive community of like minded runners, who want to transform their running. Share your highs and lows!

  • Great Value

    Working online means you'll get incredible value, it's the affordable way to have a coach.

  • All abilities

    We work with runners of all abilities, working towards goals over any distance. So whether you want to break 20 mins or 35 minutes for a 5k or looking to improve your time at a longer distance, we can help you.

The 5k 2 PB Running Academy is the first of it’s kind

It's easy to use, comprehensive and guides you step-by-step.

Our approach covers all these areas. It’ll teach you how to train properly for the rest of your life.
Our Approach

What Our Runners Say About 5k 2 PB:

“This has been a transformational 4 weeks. Yes, it has been really hard graft and my body has constantly been complaining, but nothing that a foam roller and sports massage couldn’t put right! Before starting this I had lost interest in running due to not being well over Christmas, my Parkrun PB has been static for 15 months. I met an amazing group of people, who along with the support from Jon, who pushed me to take 2:03 off my Whitchurch 5k race time and 0:28 off my Parkrun PB (which was 2:11 off my baseline start time at the beginning of the 4 weeks. This has really got me back on track and I’m raring to go! I would highly recommend this to anyone, you don’t need to be an elite athlete just be prepared to work hard!”

Mo, 5k 2 PB Runner - April

“Thanks for the help especially the running technique pointers which I think I needed the most, I can feel the difference. Really pleased with knocking 1 min 32 seconds off my time in just 4 weeks”

Rachel, 5k 2 PB Runner - Nov

“Brilliant programme that delivers results! Very well supported, it's hard work but you will reap the benefits. Highly recommended!”

Alison, 5k 2 PB Runner - Nov

“If anyone else is thinking about taking part I would recommend it 100%. The structure and planning of the 6 weeks was ideal to fit in with busy lifestyles. I had amazing support from yourself and others taking part which made the experience even more enjoyable. ”

Rachel, 5k 2 PB Runner - Dec

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